Our Family Has Been Growing for Generations

90 Years and Growing

A Family owned Heritage: In 1928, we began the tradition of growing “America’s Favorite Mushroom” with the construction of our first mushroom house in Temple, Pennsylvania. Over 90 years and 3 generations later, we at Giorgio continue with a strong commitment to cultivating and delivering multiple varieties of the highest quality mushrooms to the marketplace.

Cultivation Expertise

Growing, handling and processing the finest mushrooms depends on combining both time-crafted techniques and today’s latest science. Giorgio controls every step of the growing process: from the nutritional preparation of the growing medium to harvest, washing, and packing. 100% of our mushrooms are hand-picked in controlled growing environments to ensure that we harvest at optimal blooming maturity and appearance.

For the Love of Mushrooms

Our customers have always valued fresh, quality mushrooms for their nutritious benefits and that special ‘umami’ taste quality (delicious, savory, meaty) that makes mushrooms uniquely prized in the culinary world. Our talented R&D team set out to harness these wonderful mushroom benefits to deliver a clean-ingredient portabella jerky that delivers fresh aromatics, bold flavors, and snacking satisfaction. We are proud of our simple and savory craft – Savory Wild.

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