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Where are your mushrooms sourced from?

Giorgio is known as America’s Favorite Mushroom and for good reason. We’ve been growing a variety of mushrooms, including our quality Portabella mushrooms used for Savory Wild Portabella Jerky, on our own farms for over 90 years and three generations. Today, Giorgio is one of the largest mushroom growers in the world.

Is Savory Wild™ Non-GMO? Gluten Free? Vegan? Kosher?

Yes, all flavors of our Savory Wild Portabella Jerky are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan. Unfortunately, they are not currently Kosher certified.

Can I order Savory Wild™ online?

Yes, you can order all the flavors of our Portabella jerky through our online web store located in the SHOP tab at the bottom of our website. You can also order Blendabella, our other delicious brand of mushroom-based products, which is a blend of diced Portabella, Vegetables & Herbs.

How long can I enjoy Savory Wild™ once it's been opened?

We recommend that once opened, you should enjoy our Portabella Jerky within 2 weeks. (But we admit it only takes us 1 sitting to eat the whole bag!)

Where can I buy Savory Wild™ Portabella Jerky?

We are just in the beginning stages of distribution of Savory Wild. See our WHERE TO BUY tab at the bottom of our website for a list of retailers that currently sell our product. We also recommend that you call the store ahead of time to ensure availability.

Is Savory Wild™ Portabella Jerky Plant-Based?

Technically speaking, mushrooms are not “plants” since they belong to the Fungi Kingdom, but they are eaten by vegans and all those who follow a “plant-based” diet. A plant-based diet consists of eating minimally processed ‘plant foods’ like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds; or simply put, any edible food that isn’t from an animal in any way.* Mushrooms are considered a vegetable by the FDA** (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and therefore are generally swept into the plant foods/plant-based category because of their vegetable classification. With that said, our jerky is minimally processed, vegan, and is made from our own hand-picked portabella mushrooms that are grown on our family-owned farms in Pennsylvania, making it a delicious ‘plant-based’ alternative to traditional meat jerky snacks.

*PMC – US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health – PMCID: PMC5466934
**U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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